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Crystals & Gemstones!

crystal pipes

Recently, we’ve introduced crystal and gemstone pipes to our store. These pipes seemed to be the trend lately and we can see why. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Who doesn’t want to make contact with their inner hippie? Crystals and gemstones have been known to have healing powers that can help and guide us through life. Some crystals have calming capabilities, some keep us from acting on negative impulses, and some even cure us of ailments and protect us from disease.

How can crystals heal us?

Crystals and gemstoneshave been used for years in many cultures and religions as an alternative medicine technique. The crystals don’t actually heal us, but the components in crystals help facilitate healing. So if you think about it, crystals can be thought of as sidekicks when it comes to healing. They aren’t the main medicine helped to cure us, but they help make the process easier and smoother.

Crystals and gemstones don't just help us heal our body, but they are also great for the mind. Many of these minerals have been known to help us become more open to knowledge and more aware of our surroundings. They also can help the mind to become more aware of one's goals and ambitions.

Why should I get a crystal pipe?

Firstly, these pipes are godly gorgeous. Secondly, I would recommend these pipes to people who need stability and peace in their lives. These crystals and gemstones can help relieve stress and tension. I also would recommend these pipes for people who like to be out in nature. This is great pipe to use in the outdoors. The combination of being outside and smoking out of a crystal/gemstone pipe is great for the mind and body.


Our Crystal & Gemstone pipes:

Purple Dream Amethyst Crystal Hand Pipe

Howlite Gemstone Crystal Hand Pipe


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