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About Us - The Oven Company

Our Mission

We are an online headshop that specializes on bringing the best products for our customers AT the best PRICE! We also like to keep things simple AND have our customers constantly be on their toes. To do this we keep a small collection and we switch up our products season by season. You will never get tired of us, because we constantly have new things cookin' in the oven! 

Who are we?

Hello AND welcome to The Oven Company! Firstly, we want to make things clear that we do not offer cooking/baking supplies of any sort and we DO NOT sell baked goods... We are a headshop not a cooking/baking supplies store. We sell glass pipes, water pipes, rigs, vaporizers, and other things that may be needed for an euphoric smoking experience. Here at The Oven we care about quality and the happiness of our customers. We were once smokers like you who were tired of overpriced glass and seeing the same old items on online headshops that never seemed to change. At The Oven we are not gonna try to break your wallet, and we believe in setting fair pricing for all of our products. Also, so you NEVER get tired or bored of us we decided to adopt the seasonal catalog concept of retail clothing stores. Our products will change by each season, but don't worry if there is a product that you missed out on and you want a chance to get it, we will bring the product upon requests. We hope to pave a new path in the online smoke shop industry!